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We at Flora Elements Floral Education and Design in Chicago IL plan our floral design classes, workshops and bridal bootcamps so that the students will have enjoyable “creative adventures” that open their minds and engage all of their senses. Lisa makes sure the natural elements (fire, water, metal, wood and earth) are represented in the offered floral workshops and designs. Students learn to see flowers not only as something pretty and as representations of emotions, but also, as sources of healing.

If you are ready to broaden your Floral Design skills, please come join us at Flora Elements a Chicago Floral Design School offering a broad range of creative advanced floral design classes, unique flower design workshops, wedding flower boot camps and more that emphasize thinking outside the box and using materials in different ways.

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Lisa’s Private Mentoring Lisa Belisle, one of Flora Elements’ partners, offers private floral design mentoring in the comfort of your home or her studio….

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Beyond Beauty: The Healing Properties of Flowers Most people love to look at floral arrangement and are in awe of the floral designer who can create art and beauty with flowers……

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Lisa is the owner and Instructor of all floral design classes and workshops. If you need more information or what classes you should take, please……

Flora Elements Floral Education and Design based in the Chicago Il area provides advanced floral design education classes, bridal flower bootcamps, unique design workshops and classes at selected venues throughout the Chicago Illinois and Milwaukee Wisconsin areas.


Flora Elements Education and Design’s core belief is to think beyond the vase. We believe that every floral designer should be given the tools for success not only in floral design skills but flower shop etiquette and a business success plan. Our purpose is to educate every aspiring designer using current teaching methods and trending floral designs so that you can find a great floral design job or build your own small business. Flora Elements educates using proven methods and repetition of designs so that you will retain each lesson. When you choose the Flora Elements Passport Program you are guaranteed a fascinating floral journey around the world and developing a deep appreciation of the travels those gorgeous flowers go on to be part of your journey and story. Lisa Belisle AIFD, will open your eyes to a different way of learning whether it’s a basic floral design class, certification courses or a Bridal Bootcamp there is a workshop for you here in the Chicago area.

Learning is growing. When you learn something new your world becomes bigger and open to creativity. I am a strong believer in evolving as an artist and that involves being open to new experiences. I encourage everyone to take floral design classes. You may walk into a class not knowing the floral designer on stage and sometimes they might not blow you away. However, there is always something you can take away. I encourage my students to make it a goal to pick three concepts and find a way to apply them from each designer they watch. It is during such experiences where you might be inspired to combine ideas into something new that has never been done before. …Lisa Belisle CFD, ICPF, AIFD