New Beginning Bands

Meet your Designer and Instructor
July 26, 2017

New Beginning Bands

New Beginning Bands

Lisa Belisle AIFD and Monica Meyer are working together to create not only a unique way to up sell the boring wrist corsage, but also to create a nourishing lifestyle for Monica. Monica has been faced with more than a handful of challenges since her teenage years. After losing her second mother in sixteen years to cancer, the many obstacles of teenage life became a real challenge for her. Monica always had great potential—she was an artist, an amazing baker just like her biological mom, a photographer with a great eye, and the kid with a great, big grin on her face and a memorable laugh. However, soon she found herself in the treacherous pattern of an eating disorder after which her family stepped in and sent her to a program. A few years later, the rebellious phase still had a strong grip on her and drinking alcohol became a habit while she was going to school to become a hair stylist. She was in a place where the responsibilities of adult life seemed utterly impossible. Thankfully, her immediate family staged an intervention and supported her in attending a program in California. After making the decision to start over with a clean slate, Monica got her own apartment and a job at a nail salon. Unfortunately, after a year, she was on the streets of Southern California while suffering from many addictions and abuse. However, today, Monica’s story has taken a much brighter turn after meeting her baby nephew and her desire to be a part of his life. She strives daily to turn her life around and has had amazing successes 168days of sobriety, successfully completing a full program in Wisconsin, and is currently working two jobs. Lisa has taught Monica how to make the jewelry bands to not only lessen her own workload, but to help keep Monica afloat with an extra source of income. We can make our standard bands in gold and silver or you can choose our premium flat bands. We are always happy to make a custom order too! We understand that fellow florists can easily make these themselves, however; there is a saying “Time is Money” if we can take the workload off your backs, and all the florist have to do is 10 minutes of creating art on a pre-made bracelet and the markup could be up to 10 times. You are also providing stability and income to a very deserving person who has proven a clean life is well worth the effort.

Basic Gold and Silver bands are priced at $4.50 (100+qty) $5ea under 100

Large Flat band with leaf pattern rosette start at $6 ea

Please email for an order or questions. Or give her a call 262.744.1553. Discounts are given over 100+ orders, you may mix and match colours and styles.


  1. Travis says:

    This looks really great! Really good to see Monica is doing better. I wish her and Lisa success. Really proud of Monica’s recovery and the changes she’s making.

  2. Debbie Rupnow says:

    Monica has come a long way and her success seems possible now that she has found her way with her family in her life. Remember anything is possible, your dreams can come true and you can be whatever it is you want to be, success is unlimited.

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