Flora Elements Education and Design is a floral design school that is focused on excellence in education to give you the best start possible in the industry. After twenty years in the floral industry Lisa Belisle AIFD, your instructor and tour guide, is going to take you on a journey you will never forget. The acronym for Flora Elements Education and Design is FEED. You will be immersed in in flowers, technical skills, and the tools to help you succeed and be the best florist upon exiting your programs. The Passport program was designed around Lisa’s love of flowers and travel as she contributes most of her success to her travels and learning the industry as a whole. Feeding your senses and getting your fingers dirty is only the beginning. Appreciating where your pretty flowers actually grow, how they get here and the seasons is critical to being a professional florist. The overall feeling will be exploring every aspect of the industry, testing your knowledge and pushing outside the box thinking. If you want a comprehensive program I’m sure this one is the right choice.


Toe Tickler

Come join us for four hours to get to know Lisa Belisle AIFD, your floral design instructor, and to learn about the Passport Program and breakdown of floral design classes.  There will be an introduction to floral design along with an explanation as to why Lisa Belisle’s particular style of teaching will ensure your success in any of the Flora Elements Passport Programs. We will be learning in a relaxed environment that is perfect for tickling your senses and getting your toes wet in the floral industry. $150 Fee Register Now

What to expect:

  • Ice breaker to get to know each other
  • Drinks and snacks
  • Descriptions of the programs
  • Floral demonstrations and hhands-on classes
  • Expectations to be met in order to successfully complete your program
  • Question and answer session to determine which program will suit you best

Tourist Visa

Floral Shop Basics is a necessity if you are pursuing a career in the floral industry or starting your own shop/studio. Flora Elements has a comprehensive basic floral design class. In these classes, you will learn flower and foliage identification, bench basics, care and handling of flowers, mechanics, techniques, principles and elements, influence of design and history, and a range of design work along with a few field trip opportunities. Flora Elements Education and Design is focused on feeding your curiosity just as if you were touring a foreign city by exploring all the important aspect of floral design. Lisa Belisle AIFD is a fun and innovative instructor who uses all of her senses to teach and adapt to those around her. Repetition is key—you will create floral arrangements more than once to test your skill set and to ensure that you retain the skills you learn. Your accuracy and timing will improve with each class so that when it is time for you to be working in a shop scenario or on your own, your work will flow with grace and ease. Guest speakers will visit us and be prepared for road trips! After all, how else can you be a tourist?

Fee $2,600  (A-la Cart options available $250 each Class Day)

What to Expect:

  • Daily hands on floral design instruction
  • Principle and Elements of Floral Design explained and implemented for further understanding
  • Work with some of the best flowers from all over the world!
  • Business principles and how to calculate costs and profits
  • Coaching: where do you want to be in the floral industry later?
  • Influence: What inspires you to grow and design?
  • Repetition: Making your designs more than once to retain verbiage and skill set.

Resort Dive (Coming Soon)

Prerequisite: Tourist Visa Stamp or must be able to test out or must provide proof of years in industry

Feel like diving into the deep end and becoming a Wedding and Event Specialist? This series of classes will be packed with wedding-must-know information. We will not let you flounder or drown in information, but be prepared to definitely get your fingers and toes wet. Weddings and events are a hands-on business and we will begin with specialty flowers and foliage, the season timings, special care and handling procedures, and wedding day set-up. You will explore all the caverns including bridal bouquets, elevated designs, harvest table setups, pipe and drape, arch and chuppas, bridal armatures, and wearables. A Wedding and Event Specialist would not be ready for success without understanding the business aspect of weddings, which is why you will also learn about sales, deposits, quotes, and contracts. You will also have a day of staged photography. You will be able to add your photos to your portfolio and show them to potential clients. Just like a destination wedding, these classes will be filled with crazy stories that Lisa will share from her past wedding experiences.

ming Soon!!! Summer and Fall Workshops