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Lisa’s Private Mentoring Lisa Belisle, one of Flora Elements’ partners, offers private floral design mentoring in the comfort of your home or her studio. You can focus on three topics during your session. Perhaps you want to do hands-on work to increase your mechanics and technical skills or to make samples to prepare for an actual event. Lisa will prepare your containers and flowers to match to help you achieve your goals during your session. Each session is typically 2 hours and the flowers are yours to keep. Investment: $250 Please Call at least two weeks in advance to schedule so Lisa can make an outline and order flowers.

Private classes for up to 20 People Do you want to get the ladies together and make some pretty floral arrangements? Why not let Flora Elements help? Lisa and her team are happy to put a great hands-on class together to suit your group’s interests. We work with all ages and skill levels. We can bring the event to you! The Flora Elements team will have all the necessary tools, containers, and the freshest flowers you can find. Invite your friends to relax and enjoy themselves while doing something fun that will add a splash of colour to their day! Investment: ??? We work around your group

Schedule your own Class Anywhere in the World! Are you following Flora Elements’ Lisa Belisle on Facebook, Instagram or her website? Do you wish she was in your area? Well, she can be! Lisa loves to travel and would be ecstatic to put together a workshop for you in your community. Find a place that will host you and your friends and work with Lisa choose a theme and a project. She’ll make sure she has all the necessary tools, flowers and supplies to put an amazing workshop together. Minimum class sizes would apply, but Lisa will be happy to help you advertise and find local people to make this a great event.

Looking for Help? Flora Elements is a design school that finds “diamonds amongst the rough”. Most of our students come in with very little knowledge of flowers and designs. However, they have the zest and vigor to learn and be a good designer. After spending many weeks with them, Lisa Belisle, one of Flora Elements’ partners, is able to evaluate the students’ weaknesses and work with them to make sure they succeed in the future. Lots of time is spent on teaching the students the principles and elements of floral design and design basics. Lisa is a proud teacher when she sees someone blossom and when the puzzle pieces fall into place for a student. She wants them to continue learning and to find the perfect place for them in the industry. If you can give “newbies” guidance and the support to grow their wings, let us know. If you are looking for employees for an event, in a shop, or for a wholesale situation, fill out the form below and send it back to Lisa. She can pair you with the best student who will fit your needs. A pairing fee of $150 includes Lisa’s research and interviews involving you and the student.