Flora Elements Education and Design offers floral design classes and workshops throughout the Chicago area. Please check our regularly updated class schedules. Flora Elements offers some basic floral design classes for students who have no experience or for those who just want to “play” for a few hours. There are advanced classes for students who are looking to expand their floral skill set and/or plan to work in the floral industry. Flora Elements’ classes are new and exciting. The classes offer modern designs that help students step outside their comfort zone and stimulate their creative juices. Whether people join a class to learn, to release stress, or to have a night out, Flora Elements’ classes “fill the bill”.  They are knowledge-based and fun.

Lisa Belisle is your certified design instructor brings twenty years of floral design experience to the classroom. She has a sound and fun approach to teaching, so no matter what skill level a student is at, by the class’ conclusion, he/she is sure to have experienced success and leaves with a positive attitude.

If you would like to host a workshop, Flora Elements would be happy to travel! Please email us and inform us of your interests and group size.

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